About Betsy
Betsy Hafkin, LMT
I listen with my hands

Betsy Hafkin is a New York State Licensed Massage Therapist with over 7 years experience. She specializes in sports, orthopedic, and deep-tissue massage geared towards health maintenance and relieving chronic pain and tension. As a professional dancer and avid cyclist she's particularly aware of the aches and pains troubling active individuals.

Betsy earned her degree at the Swedish Institute for Massage Therapy, where she studied both Eastern and Western modalities. Since graduating she has continued to add to her knowledge base, with advanced education in medical and sports massage, and recently earning her Certificate in Personal Training.

Betsy is hearing-impaired, which she considers an asset to her work as a massage therapist: she is very sensitive to the subtleties, signals and uniqueness of every body she works on; hence "she listens with her hands". As such she asks that appointments be arranged via email: betsyhafkin@gmail.com.





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