Betsy Hafkin, LMT
I listen with my hands

Sports Massage

For the serious athlete, massage therapy should be periodized, just like your training. When you’re going hard, massage is light to moderate; when you’re going easy, massage can be deeper. The preparation period is the time to address kinetic chain dysfunction and muscular imbalances. This type of massage tends to be deeper and more invasive. Doing it at this time gives your body a chance to adapt to any changes made; just like your training, it’s preparing you for the season ahead.  Once you’re into your base, build and race periods, massage is moderate to light and geared towards maintenance of the gains made during the “corrective massage” phase, as well as recovery from hard training days. Lastly, post-season is the time to address any injuries, provided that massage is appropriate for these injuries.


At your first session we will discuss what your goals are and where you are in your training. I will then do a kinetic chain assessment to determine any muscular imbalances followed by a massage. The massage can be part-specific based on your preferences and the results of the assessment, or we can incorporate those into a full-body massage. If more than one area needs to be addressed in the context of a full-body massage I suggest a 90-minute session.

Perinatal Massage

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a woman’s life and full of exciting changes, both physical and emotional.  Very often existing musculoskeletal imbalances are exacerbated but there are also very common areas of tension in the neck and shoulders, between your shoulder blades, lower back and outer hips. We will discuss your areas of discomfort and your preferred pressure before the massage begins.

The most important thing about pre-natal massage is knowing what "not" to do; there are some very specific areas that are contraindicated. I’ve been trained extensively in either avoiding these areas or working them in such a way as to not endanger your pregnancy.

Lastly, your position on the table is also very important, especially once you’re too big to lie face down.  I will put you in the side-lying position using the body cushion or pillows to support your head, ribs and legs in a slightly different way than

most practitioners do.  It's an exceedingly comfortable position, so much so that many of my clients comment it's “the most comfortable I’ve been in a long time.”  I will also show you how to replicate this position at home to help you sleep more comfortably.

Stress-relief Combo

Very often clients have one or two areas of chronic tension where they like deep work, but prefer lighter work on the rest of their body. This is the massage for you. We will begin with a brief intake to discuss your problem areas and pressure preferences. The massage will consist of a variety of techniques to address your concerns and I will check in with you regarding pressure. If you would like more than two areas addressed I recommend a 90-minute massage so I can give them the attention they need as well as have time for the rest of your body. Ultimately this is an exceedingly relaxing massage and you will leave feeling quietly energized and refreshed.

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