Betsy Hafkin, LMT
I listen with my hands

"I experienced what a difference a massage from Betsy can make this past Spring when I was feeling run down from racing and training. I just could not seem to get to a place where I felt fresh. Betsy really knows the sorts of stresses that cyclists experience, and the one hour massage from her was enough to get me on the road to full recovery and some of my best results of the year! She was careful to assess how the massage would fit into my cycling schedule and worked my muscles just hard enough for them to loosen up and heal from the riding I was doing. Now I'm hooked on high quality, cycling-sensitive massages from Betsy!"

- David C., competitive cyclist

"As a professional dancer whose career was curtailed by a back injury, I’m extremely cautious about whom I allow to work on my body. Betsy’s personal experience as a dancer, combined with her exceptional understanding of anatomy and athletics, make her the ideal massage therapist for me. Her care makes it possible for me to continue to dance, mitigating the effects of my injury, and preventing others from developing into serious problems. Many therapists are stuck in their own routine and don’t respond to the client’s needs. Betsy truly takes my current state into account and listens to what I want that day. I highly recommend her for both the therapeutic aspects of her work, and her sensitivity towards the working dancer."

- Laura H., dancer

"As an athlete and musician with a stressful day job, I find massage key to staying healthy and injury-free. Having had some good therapists over the years, I don't trust my body to just anyone. Betsy Hafkin is someone I trust. She gives a good, thorough massage and is knowledgeable, intuitive and eager to learn as much as she can to provide premium service to her clients. I highly recommend her, whether you have an injury, are looking to prevent injury, or just need to get out of your head and in touch with your body and soul."

- Melissa B., triathlete  

Not only an expert massage therapist, Betsy is also an avid cyclist, giving her a particular sensitivity to the needs of both recreational and competitive cyclists. I'm also impressed with the care she takes to attend to the particular stage of racing or training I'm in before she works on my muscles. I always feel better on the bike after I'm met with Betsy.”.

-Colleen C., competitive cyclist


"It's amazing the things I couldn't do before that I can now...like lift my leg to get into a car - stuff like that. SO PAINFUL before or not even possible. Thanking you does not cover my emotions for what you have done for me!!!"

- PW, Fibromyalgia sufferer

"For years, typing has caused repetitive stress problems in my hands and arms. I can usually keep the problems under control with stretching and self-administered trigger point massage, but when I started writing my PhD dissertation, I was typing so much that these measures just weren't enough. My arms felt so crippled that during the final months of my doctoral work, I started worrying that I wouldn't be able to finish my dissertation. Fortunately, I started visiting Betsy every other week during this stressful period, and she was amazing. I walked out of every session feeling refreshed, expanded, and free of pain. Betsy deserves a lot of the credit for getting me through my degree!"

- Jessica A.

"I have Klippel-Feil Syndrome, a rare spinal anomaly that causes me chronic neck, shoulder and back pain. Betsy was sensitive to my condition from our first meeting, and is very conscientious in her treatment. My sessions with her always bring relief. I have worked with many licensed therapists, and I consider Betsy among the best."

- John A. 

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